Welcome To My Blog – Promoting Compassion to All of Nature

Welcome to my blog! I am excited to finally have a blog. My website is – www.MysticalAnimalsofAncientOak.com. As I sit here on the eve of Hurricane Sandy, I look out over the Blue Ridge and Allegheny Mountains. After living in Maryland for most of my life, I relocated to Rockbridge County VA. My life is dedicated to pursuing compassion for all creatures. I write true stories about animals and nature. The Washington, DC area, where I lived most of my life, has become increasingly over developed. The severe loss of forests and farmland is putting people, wildlife and the eco systems under massive strain. As our suburbs became a mass of houses and commercial development, the entire energy of the area changed. I became particularly disturbed at the constant violence towards deer. I teach people to understand that all life forms are here for a sacred purpose. Many organizations, including government agencies, enjoy blaming deer for everything. I am going to be teaching people to view deer, and other wildlife as teachers and not as some enemy. Most of the things that deer are blamed for are primarly human induced imbalances. I lived in areas of Rockville and Potomac, MD where people are hiring bow hunters to kill deer in their yards. Not only is this profoundly inhumane, it is also sending a sick message to our children. It teaches children that barbaric violence is an acceptable way of dealing with conflicts in life.Obviously being wealthy and educated does not mean that people have a heart. This blog will be dedicated to issues about humane living, humane treatment of wildlife, emotional healing. And I also will write about other humanitarian topics. I am intending to bring about a shift in consciousness towards the deer and other wildlife. I believe that an emotionally healed society does not pursue violence. I honor the deer and what they have to go through to live among human chaos. I believe they are tremendously over blamed for environmental damage etc. I am an avid environmentalists, but I do not agree with many of the environmental and conservation groups that the deer are public enemy number one. I hope everyone can learn something positive and healing from my blog. The storm clouds of Sandy are converging around me. May everyone survive the storm. This will be all until my next post.

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