Hear Their Cries

For decades I have seen the agony of the animals left hit and killed on our roads. I have never understood why humans became so often immune to this issue. As anyone can see from my blog entries, I am passionate about bringing awareness to this issue.

Recently we have seen exciting news stories about wildlife over passes that are built over huge highways. Many species of animals have been seen safely using these amazing over passes. When we created our modern world the wild creatures were left out of the plan. The idea of hitting wild animals, and too often domestic animals like cats and dogs, became a horrifying norm the world over.

We need to see what a huge difference it would make in our world if we were to make it a priority to drive with safety and compassion for other motorists and animals. We need to devleop an entirely different attitude towards the animals that we share the planet with. I hope that we see a major global movement towards building many more of these highway over passes that give our sacred wild animals safe passage.

Animal, Deer, Wildlife, Park, Fauna

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