A World Of Human Conveniences

In the mid 1990’s, I moved to the community of Ancient Oak, in Darnestown, MD. I was so charmed by the meadows, old trees, and wildlife that I wrote my first book (yet to be published) Mystical Animals of Ancient Oak based on stories there. The 1990’s were a major turning point in the loss of green space, loss of wildlife habitat and over all decline in quality of life in the suburbs. This is when the violence to the deer and the hatred of the deer became very alarming. So much emotional volatility was projected on to these animals.

 What we were really witnessing, was the beginning of what I have come to call A World Of Human Conveniences. We are all in that constant insane rush. Our attitudes became all about us, our agenda and what was convenient for people. We totally left wildlife and their needs out of the picture. I truly believe that this is a very disturbing trend. Within this trend of creating roads, housing etc. without the needs of wildlife in mind, we have stampeded over living communities.

I fear that many people have no idea of the importance of the lives of deer or any other wild animal. Many people have come to associate deer with only negative ideas. And many of the civic and environmental groups whose meetings I attended were obsessed with putting out negative, fear based ideas about deer. We need to return to honoring what wildlife have to endure to live among humans.

I want anyone reading this blog column to go home and start making observations of what wild animals are going through to live among human chaos. I want you to find ways to learn from the deer and other wildlife. Find out what they have to teach you. We need to build a world that has more concern and compassion for other species. I think we have become too self consumed and need to feel more for the plight of other living beings.

In my next column I will speak about the issue of Powers of Observation. We as a species have to re awaken these great powers. This is key in living with other species in a more humane way.


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