We Have Forgotten Our Powers of Observation

Over the last several decades, as technology has engulfed us, we have totally forgotten about Powers of Observation. What are powers of observation? The powers of observation begin with the realization that our one agenda for the day – is not the only agenda. Other people, and animals also have their daily agendas.

I believe that this loss of honoring one another, in our daily rush and crazy driving, is largely behind the enormous amount of animals and people killed on our nation’s roads. We must begin with honoring life again. Every time we get in our car, we need to SLOW down. Instead of driving as fast and furious as we can, we need to always look around and pull ourselves into sync with the natural world.

I encourage people to slow down, always think about the terrain where you drive. If there are woods, there is bound to be an animal that jumps out. Drive with your peripheral vision. Never take your mind off the realization that another car, a pedestrian, or an animal will suddenly appear. The way we drive today, we are incredibly self absorbed and hooked into cell phones etc. This electronic fascination, does not belong on when we are in the car driving. Every day make it a priority to avoid hitting wildlife when you drive. I guarantee it will reduce the amount of animals killed on our roads.

At night, look for the glow and red of eyes on or right off the road. Anticipate animals will always jump out at night, and be prepared to yield to them. I see many animals run right over at night, and the driver did nothing to avoid hitting them!! This is all too regular of an occurrence on our roads.

Another power of observation exercise is to look for animals every day that are in your home, work or travel environment. What is that animal’s important mission for the day? Learn about the activities of the animals and nature around you. Another important power of observation is to know when you hear a person or animal in distress! If you ever wonder if an animal or person is in distress, go by your gut, and call for help.

A few years ago there was a terrible crime at a store in Bethesda, MD. A woman was being bludgeoned to death, and workers in an adjoining store, heard someone calling out for help, and yet they did nothing about it. This is simply inexcusable. When you hear an animal or person in distress – do not ignore them – do  something and call for help. This woman in the retail store might be alive today, if the workers in the adjoining store had banged on the wall and said we are calling the police. The same thing applies to animals in distress. Use your powers of observation. If you see an animal hit on the road, call for help. Do not just leave the animal to die a slow death. Call the local animal control and tell them there is an emergency and an animal has been hit and needs immediate help.

In my next entry, I will continue writing about this very important issue of powers of observation.





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