Living with Wildlife

Tonight I am writing about the issue that I have worked on for years – the severe violence and mistreatment of deer. Why are the deer blamed for being over populated? Isn’t it humans that are over running the planet and causing most of the environmental crisis that we face? Why is it ok that people take over the meadows and forests, and then push out wildlif?. And then when deer show up in their yard – they want them killed! I am afraid that we are becoming .a very materialistic – techno enthusiastic species that is tragically losing our ability to truly understand nature. Nature is not something to kill in order to control to human’s satisfaction. Every time I see a wild animal killed on the road I take a moment to remember that that animal’s life held meaning. So the next time someone complains about the deer – stop and ask them about all the things humans do to make deer and other wild animals miserable. Maybe it is time to do something to honor the deer.

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