Please Drive as though All of Life Matters

I want to address our human indifference to all the animals that are killed every year by automobiles. Every time that I drive by any animal that has been hit and killed by a car or truck – I always say a prayer for that animal. Today I drove by a deer lying on the side of the road on Route 522 in Culpeper, VA. She was probably hit today. I looked at her glazed eyes and crumpled legs and thought that is time for people to recognize that these animals have very important lives! They are not just in our way as we hurry down the road. If people would slow down and honor life as much as they do speeding – far less wildife and people would be hit and killed on our roads. I really hope that people will learn to see these animals that die on our roads as something much more important than “road kill”. So please share this message to spread the word that animals lives are sacred.

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