Factory Farming Atrocities

It never ceases to amaze me how many barbaric practices are committed on factory farms. We have male baby chickens that are being ground up alive. Baby pigs have their heads smashed against pavement to kill them. Calves are kept in solitary confinement and taken away from their mother’s shortly after birth. Mother pigs live in tiny prisons called gestation crates. Pigs are boiled alive before being slaughtered. Poultry are also boiled alive and have their throats slit while fully conscious.

If these realities horrify you = they should! I encourage everyone to take a deep look at what is on their plate and to do some research into what goes on before you eat it. When I was a child I never wanted to eat meat. Now I know why.

We need to out law all these factory farming practices. What kind of species are we if we can sit back and let this go on?

What are your thoughts on these common factory farming practices? How can we stop this? I became vegetarian in the early 1980’s after learning about these things.