A Christmas Wish to Return Compassion Back To Nature

Image by ArtTower from Pixabay

Here it is Christmas Eve, and I came across an extremely upsetting video on You Tube. This evening after, dark I thought I heard a wild animal hurting a cat. I wondered if it was a bear vocalization that I heard before the cat cried.

I ran out and got my flashlight and yelled out into the woods to try and find the cat. After the cat cried, everything went silent. I went inside and searched You Tube for the cries of a black bear.

I found a You Tube video of a bear cry and it turned out to be a video that a bow hunter took of a bear that he shot with an arrow. The video is tragic beyond words….the person who reposted this video is apparently an animal activist who was intent on showing the world what we humans do not want to hear. All those bullets and arrows randomly shot into wild animals for supposed sport – is no sport at all. It is barbaric and totally unacceptable that any form of violence to animals is viewed as a sport. Arrow wounds can lead to a prolonged death from bleeding, and the sounds of terror coming from this black bear would cause anyone but a sociopath to know that this is not what humans should be doing to our wildlife.

I encourage people to ask questions and not just think that hunting is solving wildife over population issues, etc. We need to look at the suffering of the animals and how we as humans have over taken their habitat and normal trail ways.

Make it a regular intention to go out and do something compassionate for the deer, bear and other wildlife – honor their pathways and learn from them.

I know this is a serious post on Christmas Eve, but isn’t Christmas supposed to reflect brining in the light and compassion to the planet for people, animals and nature?

Hear Their Cries

For decades I have seen the agony of the animals left hit and killed on our roads. I have never understood why humans became so often immune to this issue. As anyone can see from my blog entries, I am passionate about bringing awareness to this issue.

Recently we have seen exciting news stories about wildlife over passes that are built over huge highways. Many species of animals have been seen safely using these amazing over passes. When we created our modern world the wild creatures were left out of the plan. The idea of hitting wild animals, and too often domestic animals like cats and dogs, became a horrifying norm the world over.

We need to see what a huge difference it would make in our world if we were to make it a priority to drive with safety and compassion for other motorists and animals. We need to devleop an entirely different attitude towards the animals that we share the planet with. I hope that we see a major global movement towards building many more of these highway over passes that give our sacred wild animals safe passage.

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Finding The Solace In Nature

I am sorry that I have not written a post in so long. My journey of writing my first book Mystical Animals of Ancient Oak is really the story of my life. It is a story of finding healing with a mother who recovered from years of alcoholism, and the great awakening into nature that soon blossomed. How thosetwilight walks around South Valley Park brought great joy and inspiration to my soul. Why was that flightless duck I came to name Mr. Drake so important? He symbolized the essence of what people so often tread over in their daily lives. I had not visited South Valley Park in years and recently had an emotional visit there. No matter how old I get those days will always be the most important times of transition. Everyone needs to stop and re-connect with a special place in nature. Take time to unplug from all the fear around the Covid Virus. Find somewhere to honor and protect so that it will be there for future generations.