Effective Strategies for Avoiding Hitting Deer and Other Wildlife While Driving

Deer Peeks  In Kitchen Window at Ancient Oak

Deer Peaks in the Kitchen Window at Ancient Oak


After decades of driving, I have found that my ability to avoid hitting deer and other animals on the road has been tremendously enhanced by the simple act of slowing down. Our speed limits are set for our convenience, but the speeds we drive at make it impossible to avoid hitting animals, and other people for that matter.

My first suggestion is to make a “Conscious Intention” to slow down (obviously stay in the right lane to do this) and make it a “Priority” to avoid hitting wildlife.

Then you have to turn off typical distractions, such as cell phones, I Phones etc. The obsession we have with electronic gizmos while driving is severely dangerous and should NOT be a habitual part of anyone’s driving. How many times have I seen people looking down texting, drifting off in a cell phone conversation and speeding obliviously along the road. I see this all too often.

If you see any animal by the side of the road, assume they might run out. Don’t wait for the last minute when they run…anticipate it…and slow down…and be prepared to stop.

At night, you can see the reflections of an animals eyes as they glow in the dark. Those shining bright objects hovering in the dark woods, could be an animal and not just a beer can reflecting in your headlights.

Any where there are woods, there are bound to be wild animals. Assume that at some point an animal might run out. Always look for places where animals are likely to cross the road. If you drive past an area where you often see animals that have been hit and killed – slow down in that area. You are driving where they need to cross! Often I see where racoon families have all been killed together.

In the autumn, deer our mating and are likely to run onto the roads. During the autumn months many deer are killed by automobiles. To save your own life, and that of the deer, make certain to slow down and maintain awareness during the fall.

If we shift our attitudes away from viewing the deaths of wildlife as just “road kill’, and if we view their lives as important, and worth honoring, then we have taken the first step in avoiding them on the roads. One of my passions is teaching people that all those creatures we share the planet with don’t enjoy being hit and left to die on our roads. They would deeply appreciate it if we would view their lives, daily journeys and crossings as sacred.

Journey Into The Heart of Nature

I started this blog three years ago when I lived in Rockbridge county Virginia. From my hilltop home, over looking the inspiring Blue Ridge Mountains, I reflected on my many years of living in the crowded, chaotic Washington, DC suburbs. My heart opened up to the plight of all the wild animals whose habitat and trail ways were being decimated in order to put more humans, their houses and cars on the planet.

As people became increasingly fascinated by electronic gadgets like I-Phones, Texting, Apps etc. – their appreciation for the difficult trials that our wild animals face began to disappear. Seeing animals hit and killed on our roads became more and more of a daily sick acceptance. And the human attention span ignored the needs of wildlife who are forced to cross our impossibly chaotic roads.

With my first book, Mystical Animals of Ancient Oak about to be published on Kindle and Barnes and Noble Nook Press- I am determined to raise human consciousness to a new level about what we have long forgotten. Our priorities need to shift back into compassionate awareness.

In my first book, I chronicle the stories of many animals, through insight, honor, humor, mystical occurrences and compassion. I learned to stop everyday and find time to enjoy nature Рeven if just for a few minutes. It is profoundly important to  slow down, honor life and enjoy nature. This is part of our heart and soul.

I want readers to take time every day to notice the animals and wildlife around them and honor their daily passages. Our world will transform when we all learn to be more respectful and life affirming to one another as well as animals.

If you have stories about your own healing experiences with animals, please share them on my blog.