Stop Killing Deer!

This evening I read on line that Fairfax County Virginia is starting a bow hunting season on deer. As anyone who has read my blog or Face Book posts knows, I am totally against these managed hunts of deer. Bow hunting is profoundly cruel and often results in prolonged suffering as deer don’t usually die quickly and they bleed to death. The counties around Virginia and Maryland have severely over developed the land and have left no continuous habitat for deer and other wildlife. People have been selfishly taught that deer are in the wrong and that they need to be killed in mass. When in fact, humans have taken control of too much land and natural resources leaving wildlife out of the plan. When we speed around in our cars and don’t think of the needs of wildlife – there are bound to be accidents. I want to encourage people and communities to stop what I call the war on wildlife and show some empathy for the severe mess we have caused deer and other animals. Our local governments try and deal with deer by mass killing and this is giving people the idea that deer are to be feared and hated. I always appreciated the deer and found their presence an important part of the eco-system and my community. That is why I wrote my book Mystical Animals of Ancient Oak.

Tragic death of young anti-poaching guard

This is taken from information on the Internet in September 2016-
He Died Protecting Gorillas

ICCN Virunga Ranger Jules Kombi Kambale was killed in action on Thursday, 1 September, in a militant attack at Gatovu. The ranger team was tracking gorillas, which have been the increased focus of militants in the area. He and his ranger team were tracking gorillas which were being protected from poachers.
He left behind his wife who is five months pregnant.

I include this tragic news on my blog this evening to remember those that we may never meet or hear about, but they are out in the world protecting people or animals. In this case, we have a young man who gave his life in service to protecting gorillas and other wildlife in Rawanda.

When I think about the way we have bull dozed our way over our native wildlife habitat and then kill them to build our homes – I feel such anger and sorrow. Let’s treat all animals like they are worth protecting.

While many of us have comfortable homes – we forget we are living, working and driving on what was once the sacred ground of other species.

So tonight let’s honor ICCN Virunga Ranger Jules Kombi Kambale – who most of us would never have heard of without social media such as Facebook which is circulating memorials to him in honor of his service to wildife protection. He died young and died in service to our imperiled African Wildlife.

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